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Our purpose is to provide motivating educational services and products that enhance the performance and personal satisfaction of all concerned.

We provide Trainings, Workshops, Speeches, and support materials in the area of Human Resource Development.

Supporting people to achieve greater personal and professional success.

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Specializing in:
• Motivation
• Leadership
• Strategic Planning
• Partnering
• Customer Service
• Communication



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Informative, Practical and Entertaining...




Trainings  Workshops  Speeches

Trainings are designed to support a change in behaviors and skills. Trainings are most effective spaced over a period of time. Follow-up and accountability ensures behavioral changes.


Workshops are activities with a specific intent such as to develop a Strategic Plan, build better relationships, or resolve a specific problem.

Speeches are one-time events often to be motivational and to introduce ideas or concepts.


Loren D. Lasher's career spans a number of successful endeavors, from top-level sales executive to academic educator to platform speaker. He is an avid reader, tri-athlete, juggler, and a sailor. Loren holds degrees in psychology and education. He is president of Potential Development, Unlimited, specializing in Human Resource Development.

Our Logo is special to us ...  

A Seed, the whole logo, symbolizes the potential in us all
A Sprout, the white symbol inside, embodies growth and beginnings
A Teardrop, the right side, reminds us that sometimes pain comes with growth
A Circle, shaping the logo itself, exhibits continuity and flowing movement
Balance, shown by the dark symbols being different, yet equal in area
A Flame, the white inside symbol, represents eternal hope

Trainings and Speeches that...

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 Potential Development, Unlimited
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