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Hale Koa Hotel
From an investment point of view, the decision to engage your services as a trainer was the most financially efficacious decision of the year earning a complete payback in the form of increased revenues the very first month following completion of training!   This kind of performance equals an annual return on investment of 1200%!  Rich Gorman CW4, USA Food & Beverage Director
Straub Clinic & Hospital
... My words have been chosen not to be judged as overzealous, but rather, to assure you the reader Loren Lasher and his training programs are sterling examples of how our employees can participate, learn and apply excellent business sense, techniques, and behaviors.  I highly enthusiastically recommend Loren Lasher and his training programs and offer to discuss our successes if you choose to contact me personally.  Tia P. Goodrich, Administrator, Admission Services & Business Services
City and County of Honolulu, Honolulu Zoo
Much mahalo from myself and the Zoo Staff for your insightful training and direction.   With your assistance, we have embarked on a course that is leading us toward committed leadership and an organized plan-of-attack.  Ken Redman  Director
Hilton Hawaiian Village
Over the past two years, you have provided three consistent sessions for our management team members.  The lessons you imparted to improve communication and leadership skills have enriched our leaders both professionally and personally.  Noel G. Trainor, General Manager
First Hawaiian Bank
Loren brings a great deal of enthusiasm, energy and commitment to all of the work that he has done.  Loren is fully committed to "making a difference" and inspires others to be all they can be.  We fully appreciate his dedication and efforts.  Sharon S. Brown  Vice President and Division Manager  Sales, Service, and Training Division
Mid Pacific Country Club - Hawaii
... During the past two years, your company has created an atmosphere for the Club which has enabled it to grow and prosper, both financially and publicly.  The Employee Training Workbook developed this year is by far the best in the Business!  It has improved our training effectiveness with new personnel tenfold.  Loren, I want to professionally congratulate you and personally thank you for your contribution to the success of Mid-Pacific Country Club over the last two years.  Your energy and enthusiasm have motivated and changed all of us for the better.  Douglas J. Holtz   General Manager
Saint Francis Medical Center
... The facility alinement with Administrative Council you conducted and your wonderful Coaching for Excellence course of three months has brought dynamism among Department Heads, which opened communication.  You also opened up Department Heads relating to each other and trusting relationships between Administrators and Department Representatives.  Sister Jean Louise  Chief Operating Officer
Louis Vuitton
The sessions were informative, beneficial and motivating.  Everyone truly enjoyed themselves and gained valuable information that will help them in their jobs as well as in their personal lives. Lynn Takeshita  Human Resources Manager
Carrier Air Conditioning
Your training has depth.  It is flexible, entertaining, and easy to understand with your many visual aids and teaching style.  Your role as facilitator has kept all of us accountable to keeping our agreements towards goals and plans.  The effectiveness of any training is application.  In small easy steps you have taken our organization to greater heights of achievements.  Had we planned to implement it by ourselves, we would have put off our plans and probably never get them off the ground.  That is a problem with most organizations: They are too busy to train effectively; they go to one-day seminars and expect results.  John L. Arizumi P.E.  President
I want to take this opportunity to show my appreciation by thanking you for the OUTSTANDING training sessions you held for our staff at Lanier.  They were successful and informative and all who attended from the sales department, customer service representatives to the technicians, benefitted from your "Winning Words".   Thank you Loren, for your useful, energetic, and enthusiastic presentations which facilitated positive changes in our company. Curtis W. Croft  District Manager   Hawaii Region
US Air Force, Pacific Air Forces
... The session brought back and sharpened those skills we have all learned but need to have refreshed to ensure we effectively motivate our personnel and give them the opportunity to provide productive service and obtain satisfaction from their work. Stanley Y. Yasumoto
Kober/Hanssen/Mitchell Architects
... It took us a while to understand how you were "alineing" us to work cooperatively before we dug into the core issues.  But your patient, unique methods did produce a very positive, problem-solving atmosphere which led to all of us working together and really making a lot of progress.  In addition to all the hard work, you made the sessions fun, and you kept our attention throughout.  Thanks to the goal setting, we now all understand what we wish to accomplish this coming year, and are already taking the action steps.  Clifford E. Hanssen, AIA  Chairman/Chief Executive Officer
State of Hawaii - Crime Prevention Division
... The participants who attended your "Learning to Work with Everybody" workshop gave it very high ratings.  Your participation contributed immeasurably to the overall success of the conference.  Your presentation gave participants the support and personal skills they need to work together successfully, skills that will be vital to them as they engage in more cooperative and collaborative activities.  Pam Quackenbush  Chief of Education/Training Services
Jack in the Box/Foodmaker, Inc.
Many people in your industry - motivation - talk about results, but few truly achieve them.  I'm talking about a positive performance change in an organization.  I'd like to recognize you and thank you for a most productive session.  You have a talent of creating an environment in which learning really does happen.  Many of us are increasing our use of many of the things we learned that day, and everyone certainly benefitted from the time spent with you.  Chuck Hill

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