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We provide a full spectrum of Human Resource Development services that are motivating and educational. To assure long term positive results, our programs include: Pre-Training Assessments, Leadership Alinement Sessions, Group Trainings, One-on-One Coaching, Performance Tracking and Follow-Up Support.

  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Communication
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    All training programs are custom-designed to fit your needs, situation and goals.


    • Conquering the Challenges of Change
    • Strategies for Success
    • Joys of Juggling
    • Winning Words
    • Winning Words II


    • Coaching for Excellence
    • Strategic Planning (Planning Process)
    • Partnering for Success
    • More Than a Carrot on a String (Workshop)
    • Recognition of Excellence (Program)
    • Ending Meeting Madness
    • Team Building
    • Train the Trainer

    Customer Service

    • Service Excellence
    • Service Excellence II
    • Successful Sales
    • Powerful Presentations


    • Common Sense Communication
    • The Fantastic Facilitator
    • Turning Criticism into Constructive Feedback
    • Understanding, Mastering & Defusing Anger
    • Conflict Resolution



    Conquering the Challenges of Change
    An Invitation for Innovation

    We are in a day and age of rapid change. The saying, Nothing is permanent except change, reminds us that change is a constant factor in our lives. Today, nearly everyone is facing an ever-increasing number of challenges that did not even exist a few years ago.

    This powerful seminar will present easily applied techniques, not only to manage and direct change, but also to make changes that will open up new advantages and opportunities. Strategies will be introduced that will enable us to break old habits and patterns that no longer serve us well.

    Be on the "leading edge" by learning to take command of change!

    Strategies for Success
    Although some stress can cause excitement and lead to productive behavior, most of us realize that too much stress can be life-threatening rather than life-enhancing. This course teaches the basic principles of stress management and mastery, that enable people to take positive steps in maintaining their own health and in developing strategies and skills for successful living.

    Participants will learn skills and strategies for a successful life, both personal and professional. Skills include: Positive Attitude Development, Adapting to Change, Methods of Motivation, Handling Multiple Priorities, Dealing with Anger, and Overcoming Failure.

    All the Motivation presentations are designed as "short subjects" and are excellent as Speeches or Short Seminars.

    Joys of Juggling
    You can do it! With a positive attitude and the proper instruction, you can learn anything ... even juggling. This insightful and fun-filled workshop gives participants a hands-on experience of learning a new skill.

    Learning to juggle yields benefits for everyone. Managers learn how to teach and support, employees learn how to practice and persist, and everyone learns that learning can be fun!

    Custom-made bean bags are available to reflect a motto, mission, or theme.

    Winning Words
    Our language has the power to make us "winners" in life. Through active participation, individuals will discover methods to eliminate "limiting labels", in order to support themselves and others in being happy, healthy and productive.

    The Winning Words workshop is an unforgettable, motivating and educational experience. Through a unique combination of lecture, open-discussion and audience activity, the workshop is designed to maximize retention of the material presented.

    Winning Words II
    The Winning Words workshop has been very popular! Audiences have asked for more. Winning Words II is an expansion on the ideas introduced in the original presentation. Insights on responsibility and change, and effective methods for overcoming failure, are all delivered in a memorable manner.


    Coaching for Excellence
    Leadership is similar to Coaching. In coaching, the ultimate objective is to win games. In leadership, the ultimate objective is to make a profit. The common goal in both situations is to increase productivity, efficiency and morale. Viewing leadership as coaching gives the modern leader a new perspective.

    The professional manager/coach must be capable of working efficiently with several assistant coaches. He/she must accurately recognize the potential of new prospects, and must be a good organizer, administrator, communicator and motivator. This course gives the manager/coach specific tools to use on the playing field to achieve winning results.

    A comprehensive manual gives the participants practical ideas and tools to use throughout a leadership career.

    Strategic Planning
    "The most effective way to use time, talent, energy and resources is by a plan."

    A Strategic (Business) Plan is vital for success in our challenging times. A Plan is a set of written decisions about what an organization will do to be successful. It evolves out of the process of deciding what needs to be done to be successful and how to do this. The benefits of a Plan are many ... it improves performance, communicates expectations, enhances teamwork, provides performance measurements, clarifies decision-making, motivates, and improves service and product delivery.

    Strategic Planning is a PROCESS, which is specifically designed for the needs of an organization. All Strategic Planning processes/programs are custom-designed.

    As a result of the Strategic Planning process, you will develop a complete, written plan to be used by your organization to assure success and gain positive direction.

    Partnering for Success
    PARTNERING is a paradigm for win/win business relationships. It emphasizes up-front team-building, clear definition of common objectives, synchronized systems for rapid issue resolution, and frequent, joint evaluation of partnership effectiveness. PARTNERING builds a commitment for the purpose of achieving specific objectives, for the mutual benefit of all involved. It maximizes the effectiveness of each participant and maximizes the use of available resources.

    We have conducted partnering programs with private industry as well as state, federal and local governmental agencies. Partnering can occur between and among different organizations, or between departments or other sub-groups of one organization.

    PARTNERING begins with an intensive session (retreat) which clarifies common goals, establishes a Charter, and sets guidelines for effective communication and interaction. Regular follow-up activities nurture the success of projects. A monthly or quarterly newsletter aids communication and gives recognition for achievements.

    PARTNERING is a structured process that fosters trust, respect and teamwork. The Partnering process sincerely promotes the team concept. Of course, in the real world, PARTNERING is not for everyone. It is for those who still believe in the values of cooperation, communication, trust, respect, and good faith.

    More Than a Carrot on a String (Workshop)
    Recognition of Excellence (Program)

    More Than a Carrot on a String is a workshop based on our comprehensive program called Recognition of Excellence. In this informative workshop, participants will learn what motivates people and how to motivate them (different methods). Both informal and formal recognition can lead to improved performance while adding to people's self-esteem. Learn what really works!

    Receiving recognition for achievement has proven to be the best and most powerful human motivator. Our program, Recognition of Excellence, is designed to use this fact to increase productivity, efficiency and morale. Through this program, we help you develop an easy-to-follow, reliable system of rewards and recognition, which supports a positive work environment.

    Ending Meeting Madness
    A valuable resource, the time spent in meetings can be either a drain on, or a catalyst for, increased profitability in any business. For most organizations, meetings are so common that they tend to be overlooked as an activity that can be improved significantly. Having meetings that produce the lasting results you want, in less time, will make everyone happier and more productive. Eliminating the wasted time means more time for profit-making activities.

    Ending Meeting Madness was developed to fill the need for a formal, hands-on training in the science and art of conducting efficient, goal-directed meetings.

    Team Building
    Teamwork is the essential ingredient of any smooth-running and successful organization. A team of people working cooperatively can consistently produce more than the sum of individual members working alone. Synergy!
    Team members motivate and support each other, but only if they are working together towards a common goal and respecting each other's opinions and ideas. Through experiential learning activities and stimulating group discussions, participants will acquire the vital team building skills necessary for promoting team unity.

    Train the Trainer
    "Training need not be dull and deadly!"

    The Train the Trainer program was researched and created for those leaders who must train people as part of their responsibility. Companies often measure growth and progress by increased productivity. Thus, trainers must get people to recognize and reach their potential. Trainers train others in order to multiply their own efforts, and to enable their associates to experience the feeling of self-satisfaction from a job well done.

    Participants will master skills to make training effective and active, and to maximize retention. Interaction and active participation are the mainstay of this program. Videotaping is used for feedback. Participants will have fun as they experience and learn actively!


    Service Excellence
    Giving excellent service can be fun and challenging! This training program gives participants the opportunity to learn, practice and perfect the principles, methods, and skills necessary for a professional "service giver".

    Upon successful completion of this program, participants will be able to identify their "service cycle" and perform each step with confidence. They will transmit a positive attitude through their appearance, verbal communication and actions. They will know how to anticipate and provide for the special needs of their guests/customers, quickly resolve complaints and problems, and promote repeat business.

    Over 6,000 individuals have participated in this program and have experienced the personal and professional satisfaction of performing with excellence.

    A modified version of this course puts special emphasis upon telephone skills.

    Available as part of this program is a Shopper/Coaching service, which assures that the skills learned are put into practice. Regular reports become a source for recognition or rewards, while tracking growth and progress.

    Service Excellence II
    We are all in the Service Business! Whenever we interact with another person, whether it be a customer or a co-worker (internal customer), we are using "service skills". Our ability to interact positively with others will enhance not only productivity and profit, but also good feelings about others and ourselves. Service Excellence II was designed to expand upon basic skills and introduce new, effective interpersonal skills. Mastery of these skills will yield priceless benefits, personally as well as professionally.

    This is a fast-paced, fun and practical program. Through active participation, effective materials (workbook), and simulation exercises, participants will polish old skills to a new brightness and acquire useful new service skills.

    This program is a sequel to our popular Service Excellence training.

    Successful Sales
    Through active participation, individuals will learn concepts, techniques and skills to improve their sales ability. Prospecting, qualifying, presenting and closing are some of the areas covered, with the purpose of assuring successful achievement of specific sales goals.
    In addition to skills and techniques, the rewards and joys of this profession will also be explored. Participants will see that empathy, conviction and integrity are vital for successful sales.

    Powerful Presentations
    In nearly every business, trade and profession, we are called upon to do presentations, some more formal than others. Whether your "audience" is as small as one or ranging in the hundreds, this workshop will develop and strengthen effective presentation skills. The goal is to increase performance quality, confidence and results.

    Areas of focus include: Preparation, Visual Aids, Audience Activities, Starting and Stopping, Delivery, Audience Feedback, and Dealing with Problems.


    Common Sense Communication
    There is no single skill more important than communication! It affects all areas of our lives. This program gives participants the opportunity to practice and perfect this valuable skill.

    Broad ranging and comprehensive, our program covers all aspects of effective communication. Practical and full of common sense, this program will show how to apply the principles and techniques to participants' daily lives, as well as to their special circumstances.

    Learning activities include: taking and delivering messages, active listening, and role-playing. Implementing common sense communication skills will enhance all relationships, at the workplace and beyond.

    The Fantastic Facilitator
    The Fantastic Facilitator program was researched and created for individuals who must facilitate interactions as a part of their responsibility. Progressive training techniques, which are participative, experiential, and exciting, are studied, practiced and implemented.

    The importance of action learning and discovery learning is emphasized. In short, the approach is learner-centered, not trainer-centered.

    Participants will master skills in determining needs, designing programs, presenting material, facilitating interaction, and evaluating results. The use of highly involving methods are not only advocated, but also actively applied by the workshop trainer in delivering the course content. Everyone involved will enjoy participating, experiencing and learning in this exciting "Facilitator Training" program.

    Turning Criticism into Constructive Feedback
    Learn how to give constructive feedback, not criticism, and learn how to deal with criticism when it's directed towards you. This powerful seminar focuses on ways to give and receive feedback so as to guarantee favorable results.
    How can you make your feedback productive? Is it possible for feedback to be given in a manner that boosts morale? These questions and more are answered in this exciting program. Don't let criticism become a potentially destructive force in your interaction with others. Learn to turn a difficult situation into a beneficial one by using constructive feedback.

    Understanding, Mastering & Defusing Anger
    The difference between Danger and Anger is one letter -- D. Anger is very destructive and hurtful to everyone involved. We all have to deal with anger in our lives, whether we like it or not! This well-researched program teaches healthier ways to deal with anger, whether it be our own or others'.
    There is real value in understanding and mastering anger. If you can solve problems without getting angry at yourself or at others, you will reduce stress, improve relationships, and focus your energies effectively in any challenging situation. The benefits can be enormous!

    Conflict Resolution
    This program is designed to help people deal with conflict in a positive, productive manner. Participants will learn how to rise above conflicts and see them objectively. They will discover ways to turn conflicts into successful learning experiences.

    Conflict can be an opportunity to examine divergent viewpoints and to develop creative solutions. Mastering conflict resolution skills will give you the power and confidence to manage difficult and frustrating situations with positive results.


    Motivating and educational, these products are useful, unique and fun! You, your family, friends, business associates, co-workers and employees will all benefit from these exciting products. These products are all positive and supportive of personal and professional growth.

    • A set of 41 positive and uplifting quotes and sayings.
    • Individually printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch parchment paper.
    • Perfect for framing.

    "WINNING WORDS" audiotape by Loren Lasher
    • An audiocassette tape for professional and personal development.
    • Focuses on practical ways to positively support yourself and others.

    "LET'S JUGGLE" videotape featuring Loren Lasher
    • Learn to juggle using "success principles" applicable to all areas of one's life.
    • Easy-to-follow videotape; available also with a set of 3 colorful bean bags.
    • Enhance self-esteem by mastering 21 show-stopping tricks.

    • A set of 3 colorful juggling bean bags for fun, exercise and stress release.
    Custom-made Bean Bags can be imprinted with a motto, group name or theme!

    • A useful instrument to increase understanding of yourself and others.
    • Helpful for hiring (job placement) and team building.
    • Special latent ink marking pen included.

    • A complete Customer Service Guide.
    • Practical ideas and techniques for giving quality customer/guest service.
    • Soft-cover book; printed and illustrated in a fun and easy-to-read format.
    • Custom-designed for individual client's needs.


    • Client-specific topics and articles
    • Custom-designed to support success and recognize achievements.


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