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We facilitate workshops to achieve specific results. We provide materials and activities that can support a variety of goals. A workshop is designed to achieve a specific result such as a Strategic Plan, A Strengthen Team, Having Fun, or to find a Resolution to a problem.

All workshops are custom-designed to fit your needs, situation and goals.

worksho1.jpg (26276 bytes)Current Workshop topics include:

  • Strategic Planning (Planning Process)
  • Partnering for Success
  • More Than a Carrot on a String (Developing a Recognition Program)
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Joys of Juggling


particip1.JPG (30913 bytes)Strategic Planning

"The most effective way to use time, talent, energy and resources is by a plan."

A Strategic (Business) Plan is vital for success in our challenging times. A Plan is a set of written decisions about what an organization will do to be successful. It evolves out of the process of deciding what needs to be done to be successful and how to do this. The benefits of a Plan are many ... it improves performance, communicates expectations, enhances teamwork, provides performance measurements, clarifies decision-making, motivates, and improves service and product delivery.

Strategic Planning is a PROCESS that is specifically designed for the needs of an organization. All Strategic Planning processes/programs are custom-designed.

As a result of the Strategic Planning process, you will develop a complete, written plan to be used by your organization to assure success and gain positive direction.

Partnering for Success

PARTNERING is a paradigm for win/win business relationships. It emphasizes up-front team-building, clear definition of common objectives, synchronized systems for rapid issue resolution, and frequent, joint evaluation of partnership effectiveness. PARTNERING builds a commitment for the purpose of achieving specific objectives, for the mutual benefit of all involved. It maximizes the effectiveness of each participant and maximizes the use of available resources.

We have conducted partnering programs with private industry as well as state, federal and local governmental agencies. Partnering can occur between and among different organizations, or between departments or other sub-groups of one organization.

PARTNERING begins with an intensive session (retreat) which clarifies common goals, establishes a Charter, and sets guidelines for effective communication and interaction. Regular follow-up activities nurture the success of projects. A monthly or quarterly newsletter aids communication and gives recognition for achievements.

PARTNERING is a structured process that fosters trust, respect and teamwork. The Partnering process sincerely promotes the team concept. Of course, in the real world, PARTNERING is not for everyone. It is for those who still believe in the values of cooperation, communication, trust, respect, and good faith.

More Than a Carrot on a String (Workshop)

More Than a Carrot on a String is a workshop based on our comprehensive program called Recognition of Excellence. In this informative workshop, participants will learn what motivates people and how to motivate them (different methods). Both informal and formal recognition can lead to improved performance while adding to people's self-esteem. Learn what really works!

Receiving recognition for achievement has proven to be the best and most powerful human motivator. Our workshop is designed to use this fact to increase productivity, efficiency and morale. Through this workshop, we help you develop an easy-to-follow, reliable system of rewards and recognition that supports a positive work environment.

Team Building

Teamwork is the essential ingredient of any smooth-running and successful organization. A team of people working cooperatively can consistently produce more than the sum of individual members working alone. Synergy!

Team members motivate and support each other, but only if they are working together towards a common goal and respecting each other's opinions and ideas. Through experiential learning activities and stimulating group discussions, participants will acquire the vital team building skills necessary for promoting team unity.

Conflict Resolution

This workshop is designed to help people deal with conflict in a positive, productive manner. Participants will learn how to rise above conflicts and see them objectively. They will discover ways to turn conflicts into successful learning experiences.

Conflict can be an opportunity to examine divergent viewpoints and to develop creative solutions. Mastering conflict resolution skills will give you the power and confidence to manage difficult and frustrating situations with positive results.

Joys of Juggling

You can do it! With a positive attitude and the proper instruction, you can learn anything ... even juggling. This insightful and fun-filled workshop gives participants a hands-on experience of learning a new skill.

Learning to juggle yields benefits for everyone. Managers learn how to teach and support, employees learn how to practice and persist, and everyone learns that learning can be fun!

Custom-made beanbags are available to reflect a motto, mission, or theme.


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